DVLOP Styles for Capture One - The Basics

DVLOP Styles for Capture One® - The Basics

Introducing three features of DVLOP Styles for Capture One:

(1) Custom Workspaces
(2) Modular Mixing System
(3) Layers

CUSTOM WORKSPACES - With each DVLOP Capture One style pack, we've included 3 workspaces built for photographer's specific needs. Choose one of these custom workspaces to fit your editing workflow:

  • Control - Easy access to all tools
  • Darkroom - Familiar controls for those used to Lightroom
  • Speed - Streamlined layout built for editing efficiency

MODULAR MIXING SYSTEM - DVLOP has introduced a system of modular components that intuitively spur creativity. Choose any style and modify from there, or blend it with any other artist's color palette or tone curve for natural mixing of styles. Please note that individual color palettes and tone curves are included with each individual set.

LAYERS - Capture One allows the ability to apply a style as a layer and then control the amount of the style's impact. In addition, the layer can be used as another way to blend styles and expand versatility.

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