How to install DVLOP presets on LR Mobile?

Currently, Adobe offers no way to directly install third-party presets to Lightroom CC Mobile. We have made the installation as easy as possible by offering an option to load the presets to Lightroom CC Desktop which can then be automatically synced to Lightroom CC Mobile.

Please note that you will need to have an active Adobe CC subscription for this installation.

STEP 1 - When installing each pack, there are different installation options. Please choose "Lightroom CC Mobile and Desktop" in the installer.

STEP 2 - Once the installation is complete, please restart Lightroom CC Desktop (you will need to download this if you do not already have it). If you are logged into your Adobe account on both devices, Creative Cloud will automatically sync the presets, and they should be available the next time you open Lightroom Mobile.

Please note that DVLOP Tools are not currently supported in Lightroom CC. We will update as Adobe Creative Cloud capabilities expand.

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