Performance Update (08.23.17)


  • Performance Update - Destination, Parkerisms, Companion Cube, and The Passport Series have had a performance update and will run much faster on most machines. Visually the updates should be indistinguishable, so you can keep doing what you're doing. We Roam the Earth and Kodachronies were already working well with most computers.
  • Jeff Newsom's Companion Cube - For easier skin tones in difficult situations, we have added a For Science, You Monster V2. We have also added a tool called Red Void for any runaway reds.
  • Nessa Kessinger's Kodachronies - To expand their usability across the board, we have added V2 versions for both Birthday Cake and Pistachio Macaron.  We have also added a new Blue Hour tool.

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