What are Dual Illuminant Profiles?

Dual Illuminant profiles were designed from scratch for superior skin tones, shadows, and smoother color transitions.

Dual profiles for enhanced accuracy across the board

We have built two separate profiles for each camera individually, one meant for daylight and one meant for much warmer color temperatures.  Both Lightroom and ACR automatically detect each profile and choose the appropriate blend based on where you find yourself on the white balance slider.

As you can see, the DVLOP Dual Illuminant profiles are significantly more accurate across the color spectrum. Not only are our profiles better across the board, but they really shine in mixed lighting.

Cross-camera color accuracy for simplicity

Gone are the days of having to adjust settings from camera to camera.  Our presets automatically detect the camera model used and apply the camera specific profile.  These presets achieve the same intended look whether you are shooting Canon or Nikon, Fuji or Sony. This means color accuracy across camera systems and lighting conditions.  This means simplicity.

We didn’t build these profiles from files we found on the Internet.  We built these in our studio with each camera in hand.  The result is an ever growing dng database of unique cameras (link:  List of Supported Cameras), and we’ll be adding more on a regular basis. If your camera isn't supported, please submit a Camera Request.

Please note: DVLOP Dual Illuminant profiles come with DVLOP preset packs and are not available for individual purchase.

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